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We use the David Clark H20-10XP headset for all our passengers, from the company;

In 1975 David Clark Company introduced the first headset specifically designed to provide hearing protection for pilots while also providing clear, isolated reception and crisp transmission at normal voice levels in a noisy aircraft.

You'll hear and feel the difference immediately. When the ENC is turned ON, low frequency noise cancellation improves by an additional 17-22 dB.

Model H20-10XL/XP


Five foot (extended) coil cord terminating with a 10 pin quick release connector.
Weight (without cord assembly): 22 oz.
Exclusive Custom Comfort System:
Lightweight with unique comfort feature.
Patented headpad suspension that touches your head like a soft pillow.
Special headband design cradles your head just enough to block the noise.
No exposed overhead cord.
Dual volume controls let you adjust the level for each ear.
Universal flex boom.
NRR - 22 dB passive noise reduction plus 17 dB to 22 dB when ENC is turned on.
Stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom and cabin entertainment systems.

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