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:: 3500 Straight Float Series

These floats come in two models, the standard 3500, and the 3500L, or light model. This float series have become the favorites of pilots and aircraft owners across the country.

:: Stastistics

Boyancy (Displacement)
Maximum Flotation
Float Weight
3515 lbs.
3905 lbs. (90%)
448 lbs. *
3515 lbs.
3905 lbs.
490 lbs. *

:: Features

All-Composite Design
- no corrosion (not aluminum)
- no leaks, no rivets (thousands of potential leaks)
- clean double fluted profile
- light weight (matches aluminum installations per displacement)

- they are slippery both on the water (esp. on glass) and in the air (up to 10 kts)
- come up on the step incredibly fast
- almost no sensation of aircraft acceleration when you leave the water
- super large sweet spot
- seem to continue to accelerate when other floats stop
- professional pilots say they set new standards for floatplane performance

Double Fluted Hull Design
- delivers superior strength to weight
- best combination for rough water and smooth water performance
- high impact resistance due to concave shaping
- sharp edge (not rolled) at keelson for water to break clean, lowering drag

Six Separate Watertight Compartments
- one more compartment than most
- no large holes at the top of the compartments for rudder controls (causes easy flooding)

Two Piece Float Construction, 1 top piece with flat walk area and 1 bottom
- strong triple overlap seams
- no rivets to loosen, leak, and introduce corrosion
- integral nose and stem

Easy Reparability
- common aerospace E glass
- simple easy-to-use vinylester resin system
- no Kevlar® (it absorbs water, almost irreparable)
- non-sandwich bottom skin for simple repairs
- composites have excellent damage tolerance (damage stays localized and doesn't translate like aluminum)

Water Rudders
- stainless tiller posts, fasteners, and brackets
- large bearings for overstress loads
- no rubber seals to crack and leak with exposure
- no deck cables and turnbuckles to trip on
- large rudders for maximum steering and maneuvering

Special Aluminum Chine Rub Strip
- designed to resist constant chine abrasion
- provides another seam overlap at the float joint

High Impact Sandwich Core Used On the Top & Sides
- can be compressed up to 50% of its thickness without rupture or crumbling of the cell walls
- closed cell foam impervious to fuel, water, or rot
- core acts like another leakproof skin, provides thermal insulation for fish storage

Large Access Panels with Integral Preflight Pumpouts
- all stainless hardware (nutplates and screws)
- access panels float
- anti skid molded into each panel top

Professional Aggressively Textured Anti-Skid Deck
- molded in (can’t peel or rub off)
- covers the complete top of float
- aggressive (perfect for slippery, salty conditions)

Storage Locker Built Into the Center Compartment
- extra large full depth compartment (39" LX 26"D x 25"W (14.7 cubic feet), 100 lb. Capacity/Side)
- super large access door (fits regular outboard cans & 5 gal. propane bottles)


Innovative High Impact Polyurethane Bumper
- absorbs energy by metering air released
- extends back over the float structure (protection)


UHMW Plastic Keel Wear Cap
- years of rugged use
- inexpensive and easily replaced

Attachment Hardware
- completely constructed of 6061-T6 for corrosion protection (including gear replacement inserts)
- sulfuric anodization

New Spreader Bar Extrusion Design
- material 6061-T6 for corrosion protection
- extrusion includes internal shearweb (protects the tube from crushing with forklift loads and clamping loads in the attachment to the float)


Unique Flex Gelcoat Surface Coating
- designed to resist cracking & star crazing
- ultraviolet inhibitor
- excellent when coupled with vinylester resin for extended water protection
- best gloss retention gelcoat available

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