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15, 2018

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We provide
guided & unguided fly fishing
and spin fishing adventures,

including all the equipment you'll need.

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As long as the weather co-operates, any of our guided trips can include a flight in the Misty Fjords National Monument

Mini Fishing Tour

For those of you who would like to go fishing in Alaska but don't have time for a full blown trip. This tour involves a plane ride through beautiful vistas to a seldom fished lake or stream with hungry trout, salmon or grayling. Flying portion is up to one hour with at least one hour fishing. We provide a guide, transportation, equipment, and license. Total tour time is two hours our dock-to-dock. For an additional fee we can extend your fishing time. You should bring
$285.00 per person/2 person min./4 max.
$235.00 for children under 12 years old,
accompanied by two adults.

Full Size Fishing Tours:
Come bend a fly or spin rod in the wilds of Southeast Alaska. We have beautiful small streams and gorgeous lakes with lots of trout, salmon, and steelhead and very few other fishermen. It is not uncommon to go fishing here and not see another group on the same body of water.
We provide flies or lures, equipment, and transportation. You don't know how to fly fish but have always wanted to learn? We can provide a guide who will give one-on-one instruction in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. Our plane carries up to four passengers and the total time for this tour is about 5 hours with 4 hours of it fishing.

$300.00 per person
the cost of transportation to Lake/River of choice
(lake list below)

Unguided trips
If you don't want a guided trip or want to fish an area where guides aren't allowed we offer transportation to a number of lakes and streams in the area. Below is a list of prices for many of them, feel free to ask us which ones we'd recommend.

Cabin or Lake
Flight time to cabin
(one way)
Charter Price
Anan Lake
40 min.
Bakewell Lake
30 min.
Barnes Lake
42 min.
*Boswick Lake
10 min.
Cheacats Lake
22 min.
Ella Lake
18 min.
Fish Creek
15 min.
*Heckman (Heckman or SE Heckman)
15 min.
Helm (Creek or Bay Cabin)
15 min.
Hugh Smith Lake
30 min
Humpback Lake
30 min.
*Jordan Lake
18 min.
*Karta (Lake or River)
25 min
Kegan(Lake or Cove)
22 min
LeDuc Lake
45 min.
Manzanita Lake
22 min.
Marten Lake
50 min.
McDonald Lake
30 min.
Orchard Lake (Plenty Cuttroat Cabin)
30 min.
*Patching Lake
18 min.
Reflection Lake
33 min.
Salmon Bay Lake (North Prince of Wales)
50 min.
*Salmon Lake (Thorne Bay)
30 min.
Sweetwater Lake
42 min.
Wilson Narrows Cabin
32 min.
Wilson View Cabin
33 min.
Winstanley Lake
21 min.



* the Forest Service does not allow guiding at these lakes/rivers

List of Tours

We only use equipment from top quality manufacturers, however, if you have some favorite tackle you'd like to use please don't feel shy, bring it along.

Keeping fish

We are not adverse to you taking back a few fish from your trip. However, please remember that even though Alaska is huge, no resource is infinite and the growing season for all animals is shorter here than "down South". Also these fish don't freeze well so please take only fish that you will be eating immediately.

If you want a trophy fish mounted

the newer fiberglass/plastic mounts look as real as any skin mount, they last much longer, and you need only measurements and pictures to have them made.

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