Does our pilot "REALLY" know what he's doing?

Our pilot/owner Dave Rocke has more than two decades of experience flying in Southeast Alaska and uses his experience, knowledge and unique sense of humor to enliven each flight. Dave has been flying since 1988 and has a top-notch safety record.

What is the airplane like?

All of our tours are flown in a Cessna 185 equipped with Aerocet floats that is maintained to the highest standards- as dictated by our finicky mechanic and FAA supervision. Our plane has 4 passenger seats, all of which are window seats with great views of the wilderness for you. We have an intercom system for your listening and conversing pleasure. Our plane also features active noise reduction headsets for all seats, enabling you to clearly hear and talk with the pilot throughout the flight.

Will you pick us up from the cruise ship dock?

Yes! We will pick you up from your assigned cruise ship dock in our red Subaru Outback that reads "Family Air" on the side 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Alternative pickup arrangements can be made upon request. Please be sure to have your cell phones turned on when you arrive to port, just in case we have any trouble finding you.

Will you fly in the rain?

We will fly in light rains and light winds, but safety and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities. If we decide that the weather is not acceptable to fly in or that you will not enjoy your flight due to weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your tour. Our cancellation policy states that if your tour is scrapped due to weather, you will not be charged for your tour if you have not prepaid or you will receive a full refund within a week of your scheduled flight if you have prepaid.

What should I wear on my tour?

Ketchikan is a rain forest, so be sure to prepare for that. Wearing layers and having a rain jacket readily available is a good idea. We recommend leaving your high heels at home and opting for closed toed shoes or boots.

Do you offer private tours?

We do offer private tours for a small fee. Please call us at 907-247-1305 for more information.